From Lockdown to Freedom Book Publication

The book is finally finished after 7 years of painful labor of love. As of this writing, it is being published and all the costs are covered. PTL. I am asking you to consider helping me with getting it printed. A good friend of mine who has published many books has offered me a deal of a lifetime.

I can get 1,000 books printed for $2,500.00 compared to the publishing company who charged $10.00 a book. I am hoping to take a bundle into the prison for Christmas presents for the inmates. Please consider helping me get this done.

If you would like to pre-order books for yourself and friends please let me know and will get you an autographed copy.

From Lockdown to Freedom by Ron Zaucha with Nola Kathrine

Buy my book From Lockdown to Freedom at

A portion of the proceeds from book sales helps to support Lighthouse Educational Ministries.

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